Shutters – Why are they becoming so popular?

Shutters are becoming more popular than ever, they add beauty and warmth to your home and prices have come down a lot in the last couple of years so they are very affordable now. Shutters are definitely an asset your home’s value and are a show stopper at selling time.

Shutters -, Kelowna

Quality shutters will last forever and never need replacing like blinds and drapes do, so the value is really there for consumers. Careful though on what shutters you buy, some companies sell Poly Satin Shutters, just a fancy word for 100% plastic. They look good and function well, but wood composite looks the best and the prices are the same.

You also have many new options with shutters, like the split view. Close the bottom slats and open just the tops for daytime privacy (Working similar to top down bottom up blinds). You can also choose not to have those tilt wands in the front or on the side or not at all and hidden in the back.

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