New Blinds Add Value to Your Kelowna Home & Help Seal the Deal on Potential Buyers

The Kelowna housing market started off with a bang in 2017 with the prices of homes soaring, showcasing an impressive sellers market. Then July rolled around and the Bank of Canada decided to increase interest rates for the first time in seven years. This had an immediate effect on the Okanagan real estate market with sales slipping about 6%.

If this trend were to continue, it is possible that the market could shift into a buyer’s market, increasing the competition between homeowners that are trying to sell their property.

Whether it is a buyers or sellers market, if you are considering selling your home in the near future, you should take every opportunity possible to increase the allure and value of your property. Updating the window coverings in your home is one of the easiest ways to quickly add value to potential buyers.

Increase Visual Appeal

Outdated blinds can be a major turn off during a walk through of your home. If your window coverings are old, faded, or damaged, replacing these eyesores can instantly add massive value. Window shades and blinds have become recognized as a major component of a home’s furnishings and can transform the interior of your home into an impressive, modern option that will draw attention from a plethora of buyers. 

Compared to other improvements a homeowner can make, replacing your window coverings will bring one of the best return on investments and as a bonus, can be completed quickly. Even if you have an open house in the near future, there is still time to completely transform the aesthetics of your windows with the vast selection of coverings available from our team at

Horizontal Sheers

Horizontal sheers can add elegance to any room in a house with ease. This style of window covering utilizes suspended fabric vanes between two sheer fabric facings and offers a wide selection of designs and fabrics. The vanes inside the sheers can be tilted to give you and the potential homebuyer total control over light and privacy.

Plantation Style Shutters

Real wood shutters and blinds are timeless and never go out of style. They are known for their excellent durability and reliability and are often brought up by real estate agents as a major selling point of a home. Wooden shutters typically come with a lifetime warranty, making them even more appealing for the prospective buyer. Wood shutters are a classic match for any room of prestige, such as an office or dining room, and will likely bring you the greatest increase in your resale value.

It is now possible to get the feel and look of real wood blinds at a lower price with faux wood blinds. This style of window covering will instantly increase the visual appeal of a room, although they tend to be slightly less durable than the real wood options.

Honeycomb Shades 

Honeycomb shades give a room a calm, clean appearance. They come in a wide range of options, typically known for their subtle earth tones. Honeycomb shades will definitely be pointed out by a real estate agent for the energy efficiency that they will bring their clients. Many homebuyers are unaware that the blinds in a home can have a massive impact on the cost to heat and cool that space. Honeycomb shades are one of the best options for increasing energy efficiency, as their design traps and holds air inside, which will help insulate your interior from the outside world. Some honeycomb shades even allow the homeowner to file for a tax rebate due to the amount of energy saved.

Don’t Forget to Stage Your Home

It is paramount that you “stage” your home before potential home buyers complete their walkthroughs. This allows your home to present itself in the best possible light, while also allowing the buyer to picture him or herself in the space during their everyday life.

Allow light to filter in through your window coverings by opening the slats of your wooden shutters or raising your sheers and shades. This will make the room brighter and appear larger to the guests. Smart sellers also educate their real estate agents on how to properly operate their window coverings so they may display your new blinds to buyers- after investing in new coverings you want to show them off!

Whether you decide on honeycomb, wood, fabric sheers or even metal blinds, the upgrades to your windows will not go unnoticed. A new set of blinds in your home can be the icing on the cake that gets it off the market fast.

If you are curious on the different options and how much it may cost to upgrade your home, give our Kelowna based Team a call for a free consultation– the future owners of your home and your real estate agent will thank you later!