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Shutters are stunning in a choice of 2 ½’ or 3 ½’ or 4 ½’ vanes sizes. These Shutters will add beauty to your home and endure year after year with no maintenance ever – just light occasional dusting.

Our shutters truly are an excellent value and you can look forward to years and years of reliability and durability. We have a shutter for every style home just some of the features include: seamless louvers, split view shutters offering privacy with up-top views, locking tilt-rods, hidden tilt rods and several new trim styles inside or outside mounting options. All shutters have the lustre free matte finish. More than a classic look that never goes out of style, custom shutters provide superior sun protection, light control and privacy. Well priced and very affordable for any home.


Louver Sizes
2 1/2″ Traditional, 3 1/2″ Plantation and 4″ Contemporary
Colour Options
26 Colours
Shutter Finish
Molded resin securely inserted into panel stiles at each stress point increases strength and reduces panel flexing?
Frame Options
Inside mounts: Z-Frame,Legacy Frame, L-Frame & Carolina Frame.
Outside mounts: L-Frame, Crown Frame & Deluxe hang strip
Configuration Options
Standard hinged panels, French Doors, Sliding glass doors, Closed and Open bi-pass & bi-fold track systems, Corner Windows and Bay Windows.
Operating systems
Traditional Tilt with center tilt bar, ClearLight with rear tilt bar, Off-Set tilt with off to the side tilt bar on the front or backside of louvers.
Light Control
Louvers tilt to reveal more or less light; full closure in the up or down position
Child safety
Yes – No chords for superior safety
UV Blocking Yes
Hinge colours
Brass- lacquer coated or nickel-plated
Powder Coated – Pearl, Snow white or Irish cream
Stainless Steel – solid stainless steel
Price $